Martín Bakero


Martin Bakero is a doctor in psychopathology from the University of Paris VII and works in psychiatric hospitals as well as with clinical groups. He is a member of the Center for Research in Psychoanalysis and Medicine at the University of Paris VII and has taught at various universities. His poetry, an essentially live experience, invites to trance where reading becomes life by looking the communication between poetry and hallucination. He has created the «Reévolution Poétique» movement together with other poets and has created «pneumatika poetry» based on the ability to give life to objects through the poetic breath, the «electropneumatic» occupying electroacoustic objects based on the protoverbal, “acusmántika” (acousmantike) and «acusemántica» based on creating meaning with spatial sounds. He is part of musical and poetic projects such as Pyramides, Laboratoire, Disautonomía, Motor Nightingale, Tactical Divers, pnEUmAtIkOs, and The Synchronizers. Always looking for the links between poetry and reality, he elaborated the concept of therapy as an art. Thus, he gave birth to the concept of «terapoeta» and an association with the same name. For a few years, he has been exploring what he calls «Art Telluric», in which he works with sounds from the interior of the earth with the help of instruments and captors accusantikos.