Waiting for the Tsunami 2.0


The research institutes that deal with space phenomenons all concur in stating that on this established day (the same day of the performance) Internet will cease to exist. Due to the passage of a Supernova there will be an electro magnetic storm that will switch internet off once and for all. The passage of this Supernova named by scientists Big Bang 2.0, will block waves transmitted by satellites and Wi-Fi webnets preventing any kind of transmission of data. The farm servers, where today all the information that circulate around the web are stored, will be isolated from the rest of the world. This phenomenon according to scientists will take effect for over three decades, no one will be ever able to access any web content whatsoever, no one will be able to send even a simple mail.
People are trying to take some countermeasures. In order to save onto an analogic format all of the data stored up to this day, we’ve registered a huge increase in the sales of printers, recording devices whether they’re audio-tapes, on film, etc…
The consequences that will be triggered by the absence of the web aren’t clear yet, experts say: “There is no coming back, a world without a world wide web is impossible, Earth would implode.” Despite the fact that we are talking about a reality that originated twenty-five years ago, no one manages to even imagine a life without Internet, it is by now part of our everyday life, assisting us 24 h 7, we are completely dependent of its functions and we simply can’t do without it.
The states all over the world are in state of alert, armies are ready to intervene in case of possible breakdowns of our society. Alterazioni Video will celebrate this moment with one last Web TV broadcast. As we await for internet to be once and for all swept away by the passage of the Supernova, Alterazioni Video will air a series of characters spread out around the globe, for one final transmission, one last message to be spread out around the web, one last post, one last video, one last track to listen to, one last Snapchat to share.