Viva Chillán (una crueldad innecesaria)


The play consists of a video in which a character half clown half poet interprets «The Cueca del Terremoto», an anonymous song that narrates in a burlesque way the disaster of the earthquake of Chillán in 1939. Through digital and analogous effects, the video emulates archival material from the time the song was composed and subjectively documents the compilation that this character makes of «The Cueca del Terremoto» from different versions of the lyrics, according to the testimony of different authors who remember hearing it live. Considering that, for his black humor, «The Earthquake Cueca» was forbidden and could only be known through popular interpretations in bars, remolishing houses or in trains. In this way, the work makes a cross between the genres of the video-clip, the false documentary and the video art.