Piezas y partes para susurrar

Video installation with 3 channels in loop, synchronized. DV video transferred to digital, 3.00 minutes.
Audios of 12 oral testimonies recorded on cassette,
Documentation material
Music: Ottavio Berbakow

Through a series of interviews conducted in the area of ​​Valdivia and Corral, the artist compiled stories about the tsunami of May 1960. Working in collaboration with anthropologists, Claudia del Fierro managed to contact and visit people who had experienced the largest natural catastrophe registered in the history of Chile, recording conversations about their memories of that day, what they did at the exact moment of the catastrophe and the images they remembered, as well as witness landscapes, homes and places where it happened.
This work is a re-elaboration and re-edition of a video work that the artist presented in 2002 for the exhibition «Arte y Catástrofe» in Valdivia, integrating for this version a selection of the interviews he made.
The events fixed in the memory of the witnesses constitute a record, a representation of history under a fragile local memory. The experiences can be reactivated from diffuse images: portraits of others, their failed actions, their gestures, what affects them.