My Boyfriend Came Back From the War (Chilean version). Tribute to Antuco soldiers.

Ignacio Nieto

Ignacio Nieto is a researcher  in the Master’s degree in Education, with distinction in educational computing from the University of Chile. He has worked as a teacher in different Chilean universities teaching pseudocode, introduction to programming and Artificial Intelligence to designers, artists and developers. He has curated exhibitions on new media and has exhibited his artwork in Chile and abroad.
Examples of his recent work are  the Cognitive Maps Workshop for ISEA Alburqueque, ConectarLab in the city of Buenos Aires and the Geocritical Workshop in the city of Concepción. He co-authored the book Radiografía del net art Latinoamericano, and jury for the Apex Art gallery in New York and the IPC, International Program Committee, Symposium for Electronic Arts, ISEA, 2017.