Gabriel Tagle Petrone

Gabriel Tagle Petrone (Distrito Federal, Mexico 1980) is an artist, teacher, and researcher. He works in technological/ interactive media, video, installation and sound; developping his work mainly between the City of Mexico and Santiago of Chile. He studied Fine Arts in different universities including: the Higher Institute of Art in Havana, the San Carlos UNAM Academy in Ciudad de Mexico, the Association of Stimulus of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He graduated in Visual Arts in 2007 from the University of Arts and Social Sciences ARCIS and holds a Master’s Degree in Media Arts from the University of Chile in 2015. From the beguining, he has oriented his work in the area of ​​art, politics and new technologies. He has been focusing on new media, urban intervention and sculpture. Among the discourse that he supports are: the conceptual problem of post-production, the collective American Emergency Broadcast Network, and the videotapes that have influenced him are from Cheryl Donegan, John Orentlicher, Birgit Flos and Peter Campus, video art of the 70’s. He is a founding member of the Arte-K 35 Módulo de Experimentación an exhibition space created in 2009. His last curatoral project was relates to
collectivities, waste and the relationship between bodies and fragments of objects as elements of the dislocation of affectivity.