Los dominados

Nicolás Grum

Nicolas Grum (Santiago de Chile, 1977) is a Chilean visual artist. His work has developed through various media, particularly video, drawing, sculpture and installations. Most of his projects use irony, or the subversion of signs and symbols of power. His works constantly put in crisis the idea of ​​authority and the notions of truth, credibility or certainty. His projects often speak about the art world itself, but not as a reference to history or the great masters, but as a critique of power relations, success, and the over-valuing and snobbery of the system itself. His production of «works» is scarce, since it privileges processes that often result in transient, ephemeral or insignificant results.
Between his individual exhibition appear Ni tan Joven ni tan Promesa (2008), and Un remoto país (2011). In 2009, he took part in the 798 Biennial of Beijing with his workGiants do not Exist, and in the exhibition El Terremoto de Chile, curated by Fernando Castro Flores, for the Triennial of Chile with his work El Estado de las cosas / Las cosas del Estado.