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Paz Ortúzar

Paz Ortúzar (Santiago, Chile, 1985) is a visual artist. She studied Visual Art at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile  and gained a certificate in Aesthetics of Latin American Art (2008) and a Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, USA (2014). Her work has been exhibited individually and collectively in and outside of Chile. She has exhibited at The Addams Gallery, MAAS and The Print Center in Philadelphia, The Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, RoomService and CuatroH in New York, MUCHA in Mendoza, and FRANZ JOSEP KAI 3 in Vienna. In Chile she has exhibited in BECH Gallery, Yono, Balmaceda 1215, Cultural Center of Spain, Museum of Contemporary Art and Library of Santiago, among others. She has attended residencies and workshops such as Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, USA, Designing for Civic Engagement in Philadelphia and Sentimental Téctónica, Bloc, Santiago, Chile. She has received several awards including the Chile Scholarships for Masters studies abroad (2010), Vermont Studio Center Fellowship (2012) and Oakley Medal of Achievement (2013). Ortúzar has been involved in the development of numerous cultural projects and collective exhibitions such as Espacios Revelados/ Changing Places (2016), the 12th Biennial of Medieval Arts at the National Museum of Fine Arts (2015), Migratory Patterns, composed of  Latin American artists in Brooklyn (2015), An Ocean in between the Waves, in Vienna (2014) and En Medio: Art and Society developed jointly with Francisco González Castro in the Museum of Solidarity (2012). She worked in the Museum of Memory and Human Rights with the artist and curator Mario Navarro (2010-2011) and at the Gabriela Mistral Gallery (2009-2010). She currently lives and works in Santiago de Chile.