Eugenia Prado

Eugenia Prado is a graphic designer from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Writer and co-founder of Ceibo Ediciones with Dauno Tótoro, she has worked as an editor, designer and editorial writer.In 1987 she wrote an illustrated  children’s story entitled La prisionera del bosque, that incorporates illustrations, folds and cut-outs to encourage reading in boys and girls.  The same year she published El CofreSome of her published works are: Caja Negra (1996), Cierta femenina oscuridad (1998), Lóbulo (2000), Desórdenes Mentales (obra de teatro, 2007), Dices miedo (novela visual, 2012), BluViví y Gusaringo viajan en la marcianave (illustrated story, 2015)