The Residents

The Residents is an American band of experimental music, active since the early 70’s. It is also a collective of multimedia art: with music videos, short films, three CD-ROMs, ten DVDs and mini-series for the Internet. The first demos date back to 1971: The Warner Bros Album and Baby Sex. Both were eliminated from the official discography because the band still had no name at the time of its publication. In 1972, they founded their own record label, Ralph, with which they released their first single Santa Dog. While recording their first LP, they begin filming the movie Vileness Fats. The project was finally abandoned in 1976 because of technical and economic problems. Between 1973 and 1980, they recorded their first seven albums considered by many fans the best time of The Residents. The live performances were still very few. In 1976, The Cryptic Corporation, the group’s management team, was founded by John Kennedy, Jay Clem, Homer Flynn and Hardy W. Fox, all of whom deny being part of the band.