El temblor pasa y la montaña permanece

Elías Santis

Elías Santis (Buenos Aires, 1980) is an Argentinian painter who currently lives in Valparaiso. After completing his secondary studies as a commercial expert in 1999, he joins the National Institute of Art (IUNA – Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte) where he began his training as a plastic artist. During his first period (2000-2015), his painting was influenced by Caravaggio’s claroscuro as well as the palette and composition of the paintings of the Quattroccento.  At that time, he was covering themes close to Symbolism but setting them in stage of his time. The second period started in 2016 where he gives a radical twist to his painting. Indeed, we can find influences of his contemporaries Neo Rauch and Cecily Brown. According to the painter himself, he is part of a new movement of Latin American Figurative Art. He currently resides in Valparaíso, Chile.