El estado de temblor

Paloma Villalobos

Paloma Villalobos is an artist, photographer, and researcher in image and visuality studies. She is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2017) with a grant from the Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica of Chile, directed by Aurora Fernandez Polanco. The project is I+D  «Visualidades críticas, reescritura de las narrativas a través de las imágenes» (Critical Visuals , rewriting the narratives through the images). She holds a Master in Research in Art and Creation UCM, postgraduate studies UdK Berlin and graduated in BBAA U. Arcis Santiago de Chile. She is member of the group of studies «Ecologías, nuevo territorio y paisajes en la cultura contemporánea» (Ecologies, new territory and landscapes in the contemporary culture) (GE) of Matadero Madrid. He lives in Madrid.
She performs and investigates images that question the natural landscape, historical story, geography that conditions natural phenomena. The state of uncertainty and what fades out are two key nuances in her working. Her doctoral research focuses on imaging and writting testimony of natural disasters, specifically earthquakes and tsunamis from the history of Chile as well as in other contexts. She is making an interdisciplinary study that through visual connections generates questions and reflections about fragility, uncertainty, identity, and seismic memory.
His work has been exhibited since 2003 in Europe, America, and Australia. Among his most recent exhibition are Pratt Institute Brooklyn, New York, USA (The Art of Humanity, 2016); La Moneda Cultural Center, Santiago de Chile (Album of Chile, 2016); Fondazione Cini, Venice, Italy (Imago Mundi, 2015).