Cuartel General [440: marchas]

Arturo Duclós

Miguel Conejeros

Miguel Conejeros belongs to the history of Chilean music because it has been there from the beginning. He formed in 1984 the mythical band Pinochet Boys during the military dictatorship at 17 years old. With his band, he developed a rupture with his provocative music. The concept was based on improvisation and spontaneity to offer an antithesis to the uniformity and imposed repression. The Pinochet Boys encouraged to open the doors to new bands and give a fresh impulse to the modern Chilean music. This road leads him to a self-exile from Chile travelling between Buenos Aires and Saõ Paulo. Then, in 1988, he returned to his native land and formed the group Parkinson. He publishes 3 LP’s. Miguel Conejeros leaved the group after 4 years to follow his own way and develop his creativity in the field of electronic music of the avant-garde. In 1998, Fiat600 was born, a project of electronic music in permanent evolution, capable of transmitting multiple readings and images; to make political, social declarations implicitly and musical references.  He has collaborated with important artists of the national scene like Jorge González, Electrodomésticos, MKRNI, Miss Garrison, and labels as Epasonidos, Pueblo Nuevo, Nice Cat Records, Diamond Records, Punchi Punchi, Patagonia Label, Clang and Bone Records.