Amarrar a los cerros

Aldair Indra

Aldair Indra (La Paz, Bolivia, 1989) studied at the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes Hernando Siles y Sociología in the Universidad Mayor of San André, Bolivia. Her body of works includes videos, actionism, art critic and curatorial practices. She has been exhibited since 2007 in collective shows where she has been exploiting plastic and visual media. Aldair has been part of / participating in various residences and national fairs.
In 2014, she won the Nacional Arte Joven ExpresArte contest with an urban intervention named Memorias de la tierra where she traced on the landslip site an over 400 meters square floor drawing with the participation of Yhomara Muñoz and the zone neighbours in Kupini.
“Intervention and interaction are cornerstone words of my way of working. I am interested taking part in places, life stories, specific situations. I investigate the possibilities/ potential of interactive art shared between the participant of the art work. I wish I could live every art experience as a meeting point, dialogue and entertainment between human beings. I suggest physical solution to collective spirit issues.”