8.8 / Réplica

Minimal Technology

A group formed in Santiago de Chile in the early 1990s by Pablo Castro, Marcos Correa and Christian Soto, three design students from the University of Chile. After a few months working in the studio – «with an archaic sampler, electric bass, electronic toy battery, microphone and many tapes and cassette players» – Japanese curator Kino Mitsouko took an interest in their music and invited them to join Dinn International label which became «a true artistic experience for the band». Back in Santiago, they appeared only twice in spaces belonging to their University, occasions when they were never shown on stage, but instead there was  a series of video sculptures and plastic installations built with the aim of replacing the presence of the human body. Minimal Technology cites as direct influences composers such as Orbital and Einsturzende Neubauten, although their work has been described as experimental, electro acoustic, techno & neo-brutalist. The most recognized track, Power On, placed them immediately among the most radical pioneers of sound and electronic composition in Chile.