7 Ensayos sobre la Cosmovisión Andina

Renzo Filinich

Renzo Filinlich graduated in Sound and Electroacoustic Music Composition. His interest is in the application of new technologies to the field of music with the aim of developing new interactive and cognitive experiences for the listener. He is also curious about the spatial representation of sound through the interface of control and performance. For this he uses the concept of “sound malleability” as a mechanism of expression, positioning the viewer in relation to space.
In his body of sound works, he approaches different aspects of contemporary musical language such as improvisation, camera work and installations.
Member and current coordinator of the Electroacoustic Community of Chile (CECh) since 2015, he has shown his works in various festivals in Portugal, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, England, France and Chile. He has worked as a teacher in new media, and since 2010, as the producer of the Ai Maako Festival.